Our next Chinese Health Qigong practice is on Saturday 13th August 2016, 2pm to 4pm at the Onehunga Community House. (83 Selwyn Street, Onehunga). The cost is $20 per person.

Please see Mawangdui Daoyin Shu13 August 2016  for full details.

Good spirits, happy life and good health,

Orlando García-Morales
WCA Director
NZ Health Qigong Coordinator


For Qigong consultations and therapies, or Reiki (Ling Qi) treatments – we will be booking sessions for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Other times may be available by arrangement. To book a session please contact us on 021-560 200 or 09 – 214 4153 or by email wushu.works@gmail.com

In this website you will find information on traditional and contemporary wushu, including the two main systems of Chinese martial arts, the Shaolin (Buddhist) and the Wudang (Taoist) as well as information about the breathing management and internal energy cultivation schools of Qigong (Chikung). For information on our Qigong programmes please search under classes/Taiji Quan.

We are pleased to help and assist with programmes, manuals and video material. We run seminars anywhere in New Zealand and South America by arrangement.


  • Meditation Meditation Non-religious methods of cultivating awareness.
  • Qigong Qigong Chinese Health Therapy, regulation of the body posture, breathing and mind set.
  • Bagua / Xing Yi Bagua / Xing Yi Eight Trigrams Palm, circular style. Mind and body linear style.
  • Taiji Quan Taiji Quan Traditional and standardised forms, weapons, pushing hands.
  • Traditional Wushu Traditional Wushu Following the styles of Northern China.

Private Classes

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