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The Wushu Culture Association (WCA) was formed in New Zealand in 1997 to promote Chinese martial arts and other aspects of Chinese culture.

It is linked to Wudeguan (School of Martial Ethics), a school our principal instructor has been associated with for over 25 years. Through these schools, we offer both traditional and contemporary programmes drawing on internationally recognised systems.

The Wushu Culture Association runs classes, training and judging seminars throughout New Zealand and South America. The WCA is led by Orlando Garcia who has extensive experience in all aspects of Wushu (Taolu and Sanshou) as a competitor, coach, and judge. He is also a certified Qigong instructor and Medical Qigong practitioner. The WCA is affiliated with a number of professional organisations internationally, noticeably:
* Chinese Wushu Association – CWA (Beijing, China)
* Beijing Sports University – Wushu and Qigong College (Beijing, China)
* Chinese Health Qigong Association (Beijing, China)

* NZ Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association
* Reiki New Zealand Inc.
* International Wushu Federation – IWUF

* Colombian Wushu Federation – Ibague, Colombia
* NZ National Taichi Chuan Association
* SPARC (Sports and Recreation New Zealand)
* REP’S (Registered Exercise Professionals, New Zealand)
We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

Orlando Garcia

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