Dear Qigong Enthusiast,

We are pleased to confirm the details for the November visit of the Chinese Health Qigong Association.

Please see CHQA Daoyin 12 Methods 19 November 2016 and CHQA Mawangdui 20 Nov 2016 for detailed information on the weekend’s workshops.

On the evening of Friday 18th November there will be a FREE 3.5 hour workshop on the Chinese Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi (5 Animals Form). This course is only for Instructors and senior students who already teach this form, and/or who are familiar with it.
The venue is the Onehunga Community House, 83 Selwyn Street, Onehunga – from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.
Please feel free to pass this information to invite others to these weekend workshops. Everyone is welcome!
Good Spirits, a Happy Life and Good Health.


  • Meditation Meditation Non-religious methods of cultivating awareness.
  • Qigong Qigong Chinese Health Therapy, regulation of the body posture, breathing and mind set.
  • Bagua / Xing Yi Bagua / Xing Yi Eight Trigrams Palm, circular style. Mind and body linear style.
  • Taiji Quan Taiji Quan Traditional and standardised forms, weapons, pushing hands.
  • Traditional Wushu Traditional Wushu Following the styles of Northern China.

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