Medical Qigong Therapy

Medical qigong therapy combines the theories of traditional Chinese medicine with the manipulation of the qi by the Qigong therapist. This is similar to acupuncture and acupressure but without the use of needles or hard pressure points.

The therapy is followed by individually prescribed Qigong methods according to the needs of the client.

To make an accurate diagnosis the therapist checks the pulse, tongue, skin colour and breathing patterns, and scans the energy pathways to give information on the function of the internal organs and viscera. In Chinese medicine the emotional state of the person is also an important factor in the therapy. Dealing with any unbalance of the emotions will ensure that the Qigong Therapy is successful.

The use of sound (singing bowls, Tibetan cymbals, therapeutic music and even sometimes the whistling of the therapist) can also be part of the therapy.

The Qigong therapist uses hand and finger gestures, slow and regulated breathing, accompanied by the concentration of mind and intention in specific meridians and points in the clients body, to enhance the effectiveness of re-balancing the natural Qi flow throughout the clients body.

In China and more recently in the other countries, medical therapists have applied qigong in hospitals and clinics to treat individuals suffering from a variety of ailments. Medical Qigong therapy and prescriptions can be used to treat people with cancer and help reduce or eliminate side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. It will help in treating cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and post-stroke syndrome. It is especially useful in treating any kind of chronic pain, and chronic disorders of the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Way Qi (Qi Emission): Way Qi therapy in medical qigong refers to the process by which the qigong therapists direct or emit their qi to a person to purge and release toxic emotions from within the body’s tissues, unblock Qi or blood stagnations, as well as tone and regulate the internal organs, immune system, stimulate the production of hormones, re-construction of the cells and tissues. The therapist may touch areas on the other person’s body or simply pass his hands over the body.

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  • 2/34 Turama Road, Royal Oak

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  • Meditation Meditation Non-religious methods of cultivating awareness.
  • Qigong Qigong Chinese Health Therapy, regulation of the body posture, breathing and mind set.
  • Bagua / Xing Yi Bagua / Xing Yi Eight Trigrams Palm, circular style. Mind and body linear style.
  • Taiji Quan Taiji Quan Traditional and standardised forms, weapons, pushing hands.
  • Traditional Wushu Traditional Wushu Following the styles of Northern China.

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