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DVD Description:


Name: Wushu Culture Association (Wushu Series #1)

Author: Orlando Garcia M.


  • Taiji Quan,Jian.
  • Chan Quan Elementary Level.
  • Bagua Zhang Various Forms.
  • Taiji Qigong 18 Movements Set 1 & 2.

Running Time: 90mn Approx.

Additional Information: This Dvd is the first in a series of DVD material for reference viewing only. This is not an instructional DVD.

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  • Meditation Meditation Non-religious methods of cultivating awareness.
  • Qigong Qigong Chinese Health Therapy, regulation of the body posture, breathing and mind set.
  • Bagua / Xing Yi Bagua / Xing Yi Eight Trigrams Palm, circular style. Mind and body linear style.
  • Taiji Quan Taiji Quan Traditional and standardised forms, weapons, pushing hands.
  • Traditional Wushu Traditional Wushu Following the styles of Northern China.

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